Strome Tartan from Lochcarron of scotland

The STROME TM range of tartans consists of over 580 authentic tartans in a traditional heavy weight (500-515gm/16oz) worsted wool synonymous with the 8 yard hand made kilt.
While we try hard to ensure all of the following tartans are in stock, there may be some that have not been woven for some time. If that is the case for a tartan you would like, we would be happy to weave 12m for you. Please check with the mill to make sure your tartan is in stock.

Abercrombie A/M
Agnew A
Allison A
Anderson A/M/W
Angus A/M
Arbuthnot A
Armstrong A/M
Austin A/M
Baillie A
Baird A/M
Barclay Htg A/M
Bisset A
Black Watch Dress A
Black Watch (Grant Htg) A/M/W
Blair A/M
Borthwick A
Bowie A
Boyd A/M
Brodie Hunting A/M/W
Brodie Red A/M
Bruce A/M/W
Bruce Of Kinnaird A
Buchan A/M/W
Buchanan # A/M/W
Buchanan Htg A/M
Buchanan Old A/W
Burnett A/M/W
Burns Check
Caledonia A/M
Cameron Clan A/M/W
Cameron Htg A/W
Cameron Of Erracht A/M/W
Cameron Of Lochiel A/M/W
Campbell Clan (Black Watch) A//M/W
Campbell Dress A/M
Campbell Of Argyle A/M/W
Campbell Of Breadalbane A
Campbell Of Cawdor A/M/W
Campbell Of Loudon M
Campbell Old A/W
Carmichael A/M
Carnegie M
Chattan A
Chisholm Clan A/M/W
Chisholm Hunting A/M
Christie A
Clark A
Clergy A/M
Cochrane A/M
Cockburn A/M
Colquhoun A/M/W
Craig A
Cranston A/M
Crawford A/M/W
Culloden A
Cumming Red A/M
Cumming Htg (Buchan) A/M/W
Cunningham Htg (Nicolson) A/W
Cunningham A
Dalziel M
Davidson Clan A/M/W
Davidson Of Tulloch A/M/W
Douglas A/M/W
Douglas Grey A
Drummond A
Drummond Of Perth A/M/W
Dunbar A/M
Duncan A/M
Dundas A
Dundee Old A
Elliot A/M
Erskine A/M
Farquharson A/M/W
Ferguson A/M/W
Ferguson of Balquihidder A
Fletcher of Dunans A
Forbes A/M/W
Forbes Dress M
Forsyth A/M/W
Fraser of Lovat M
Fraser Clan A/M/W
Fraser Red A/M/W
Fraser Htg A/M/W
Gala Water A
Galbraith A/M
Galloway Red M
Gillies A
Gillies Dress A
Gordon Blue
Gordon Clan A/M/W
Gordon Dress A/M
Gordon Old A
Gordon Red A/W
Gow A/M
Gow Hunting (Smith) A/M/W
Graham Of Menteith A/M/W
Graham Of Montrose A/M/W
Grant A/M/W
Grant Hunting (Black Watch) A/M/W
Gunn A/M/W
Guthrie A/M
Hamilton Green A/M
Hamilton Red A/M/W
Hannay (Hannah) A
Hay A/M
Hay And Leith M
Henderson A//M/W
Hepburn A
Highland Granite
Home A/M
Hunter A/M
Inglis A/M
Innes Red A/M/W
Inverness A
Irvine A/M/W
Isle of Skye
Johnstone A/M/W
Keith A/M
Kennedy A/M/W
Kerr A/M/W
Kidd A
Kilgour A/M
Kincaid A
Lamont A/M/W
Lauder A
Leask A
Lennox A/M/W
Leslie Green A/M/W
Leslie Red A/M/W
Lindsay A/M/W
Livingston A/M
Lochcarron Htg A/M/W
Loch Lomond
Logan (MacLennan) A/M/W
Lumsden A/M
MacAlister A/M
MacAlpine A/M/W
MacArthur A/M
MacAuley Red A/M
MacAuley Hunting A/M/W
MacBean A/M
MacBeth A/M
MacCallum A/M
MacCallum Red Line A
MacColl A/M
MacCorquodale A
MacDiarmid A
MacDiarmid M
MacDonald Clan A/M/W
MacDonald Dress A/M/W
MacDonald Lord Of The Isles A
MacDonald Ardnamurchan A/M
MacDonald of Clanranald A/M/W
MacDonald of Glengarry A/M/W
MacDonald Of Kingsburgh A
MacDonald Of Sleat A/M
MacDonald Of The Isles Red A/M/W
MacDonald Of The Isles Hunting A/M/W
MacDonell of Keppoch A
MacDonell of Glengarry Dress A
MacDougall A/M/W
MacDuff A/M
MacDuff Dress A/M
MacDuff Htg A/M
Macewan A/M
MacFadyen A/M
MacFarlane Clan A/M
MacFarlane Hunting M
MacFarlane Black and White M
MacGill A/M
MacGillivray A/M
MacGillivray Htg A
MacGregor Clan A/M/W
MacGregor Hunting A/M/W
MacGregor Rob Roy A
MacHardy A/M
MacInnes Hunting A/M/W
MacInnes Red A/M/W
MacInroy A
MacIntosh Clan A/M/W
MacIntosh Hunting A/M/W
MacIntyre and Glenorchy A/M/W
MacIntyre Htg A/M/W
MacIver A/M
MacKay A/M/W
MacKay Blue A
MacKellar A/M
MacKenzie A/M/W
MacKenzie Dress A/M
MacKinlay A/M
MacKinnon Hunting A/M
MacKinnon Red A/M
MacLachlan A/M/W
MacLachlan Old A/M/W
MacLaine of Lochbuie A/M
MacLaine Lochbuie Htg A
MacLaren A/M/W
MacLean Htg A/M/W
MacLean Of Duart A/M/W
MacLellan A
MacLennan (Logan) A/M/W
MacLeod Dress A/M/W
MacLeod of Harris (Hunting) A/M/W
Maclintock A
MacMillan Hunting A/M/W
MacMillan Old A/M/W
MacNab A/M
MacNaughton A/W/M
MacNeil Of Barra A/M/W
MacNeil of Colonsay (Gigha) A
MacNeil Old A
MacPhail Hunting A
MacPhail Red A/M
MacPherson Clan A/M/W
MacPherson Dress A
MacPherson Hunting A
MacPhie A/M/W
MacQuarrie A/M
MacQueen A/M/W
MacRae Clan A/M
MacRae Dress M
MacRae Hunting A/M/W
MacRae of Conchra A
MacTaggart A
MacTavish (Thompson Red) A/M
MacThomas A
Malcolm # M
Maple Leaf
Marr Green A
Marshall (Austin Keith) A/M
Matheson Hunting A/M
Matheson Red A/M/W
Maxwell A/M
Melville (Oliphant) A
Menzies Blk/Wht M
Menzies Green A/M/W
Menzies Red/White M
Middleton A
Mitchell (Galbraith Russell) A/M
Montgomery A/M
Montgomery Blue A/M
Morrison Green A/M/W
Morrison Red A/M/W
Mowat A
Muir A/M
Munro A/M/W
Munro Htg (Black Watch) A/M/W
Murray Of Atholl A/M/W
Murray Of Elibank A
Murray Of Tullibardin A/M/W
Napier A/M
New York City
Nicolson A/M/W
Nicolson Hunting (Cunningham Htg) A/M/W
Nisbet A
Ogilvie Htg A/M
Ogilvie of Airlie M
Ogilvie Old and Rare A
Oliphant (Melville) A/M
Paisley A
Ramsay Blue A
Ramsay Red A/M
Rattray A
Renwick A
Robertson Hunting A/M/W
Robertson Red A/M/W
Rollo A
Rose Hunting A/M
Rose Red M
Ross Hunting A/M/W
Ross Red A/M/W
Roxburgh A
Russell A/M
Ruthven A
Scotlands National Tartan M
Scotland Forever
Scott Black and White
Scott Green A/M/W
Scott Hunting (Brown Scott) A/M
Scott Red A/M
Scottish Odyssey
Scrimgeour A
Seton A/M
Seton Hunting A/M
Shaw Green A/M
Shaw of Tordarroch A
Sinclair Hunting A/M/W
Sinclair Red A/M
Skene A
Smith (Gow Htg) A/M/W
Somerville A
Stevenson Hunting M
Stewart Black A/M
Stewart Dress A/M/W
Stewart Hunting A/M/W
Stewart of Appin A/M/W
Stewart of Appin Hunting A/M/W
Stewart of Atholl A/M
Stewart Old Sett A/M/W
Royal Stewart M
Stuart Of Bute A/M
Sutherland Hunting (Blk Watch) A/M/W
Sutherland Old A/M/W
Taylor A
Thompson Blue (Dress)
Thompson Htg A
Thomson Red (MacTavish) A/M
Turnbull Dress M
Turnbull Hunting M
Urquhart A/M/W
Urquhart Broad Red A/M
Wallace A/M/W
Wallace Hunting A
Watson A
Weir A/M
Wilson A/M
Young M

Notes: A = Ancient Shade M = Modern Shade W = Weathered Shade
# Indicates uncentered tartan