World's Leading Tartan Manufacturer

Lochcarron International Lochcarron of Scotland, is internationally renowned, weaving fabrics at Waverley Mill for the world’s top fashion names including Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Jean Paul Gaultier and Burberry. We are the world’s leading tartan manufacturer, and exclusive manufacturer of The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan. We have a collection of over 700 tartans in stock and have kilted numerous celebrities.
The re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament after 300 years saw the Queen perform the opening ceremony wearing the Isle of Skye, a popular tartan exclusive to Lochcarron.
Margaret Struth, our championed kilt maker, previously made kilts for waxwork models of Rob Roy and William Wallace. The Royal Canadian Air Force presented Prince Charles with a kilt in their tartan made by Margaret.
Ewan McGregor had a McGregor kilt and evening jacket made by Lochcarron for his Star Wars premiere. Ewan wore the same kilt with one of our Tweed jackets for his role as Chieften of the Crieff Highland Games.
Samuel L Jackson's character in "The 51st State", Elmo McElroy, supports his clan by wearing a kilt in one of its affiliated tartans.
For US Tartan Day, Sir Sean Connery is plaid in the New York City tartan.
Lochcarrons' National Millennium tartan was the choice of the celebrities for a special Hogmany.Ewan Mcgregor in Australia, Gavin Hastings in Kenya and David Coulthard in Scotland all wore it to welcome the new millenium.
We were even asked to produce a kilt for Shrek!

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