A History of Macpherson Tartan

Badenoch is the home of the MacPhersons who claim to have been the early chiefs of Clan Chattan before that clan name came under Mackintosh leadership. The family of Cluny is the chief branch, but there are many important and famous branches. The MacPhersons were Royalists and aided the Royal Stuarts during the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745. After the 1745 Rising, Cluny MacPherson, who assisted Prince Charlie to escape, was in hiding on his own estate for nine years and a reward of 1,000 was offered for his capture. Cluny Castle was burned by Government troops, but was later rebuilt. In 1784, the estates, which had been forfeited, were restored but were sold on the death of the 17th chief.
Badge White Heather.

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